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This portal provides access to various open source software projects from simple self-contained libraries to complex extensible applications. With all the projects, however, independent of the scale or the domain our key design principle is lightweight software components. For us the term lightweight means (1) focusing on the key problem and (2) keeping the solution minimal while (3) maintaining doors open to integration.

Projects (10)

Logo Title/Description Activity (Subversion)
C++/OpenGL Data Interpolation
Visualization of bi-linear and bi-cubic interpolation using C++ and OpenGL.
2 developer(s)
7 commit(s)
4 addition(s)
8 modification(s)
0 deletion(s)
C++/OpenGL Simulation Engine
Simulate and visualize phenomena in discrete 3D space using C++ and OpenGL.
2 developer(s)
13 commit(s)
50 addition(s)
58 modification(s)
0 deletion(s)
JavaScript/Canvas Graph Layout
Cross-browser JavaScript library for automatically generating visual layouts from abstract graph structures.
1 developer(s)
4 commit(s)
21 addition(s)
29 modification(s)
0 deletion(s)
JavaScript/Canvas Physics Simulation
Cross-browser JavaScript library for simulating physical phenomena such as a bouncing ball.
2 developer(s)
19 commit(s)
26 addition(s)
21 modification(s)
1 deletion(s)
PHP/XML Template Engine
XSLT-style PHP/XML template engine with modular extension capabilities.
1 developer(s)
28 commit(s)
92 addition(s)
76 modification(s)
4 deletion(s)
PHP/JavaScript/XML Collection Framework
Lightweight PHP/JavaScript/XML content management framework based on a collection concept.
3 developer(s)
55 commit(s)
61 addition(s)
96 modification(s)
17 deletion(s)
Java/Groovy Web Crawler Framework
Java core framework for building scriptable Web crawlers with Groovy.
1 developer(s)
4 commit(s)
37 addition(s)
1 modification(s)
3 deletion(s)
PHP/JavaScript Event Bus
Cross-browser PHP/JavaScript library for distributing events in real-time between website users.
1 developer(s)
6 commit(s)
17 addition(s)
2 modification(s)
9 deletion(s)
PHP/Subversion (SVN) Project Portal
Lightweight PHP/MVC project dashboard and documentation portal with SVN repository integration.
2 developer(s)
169 commit(s)
204 addition(s)
266 modification(s)
38 deletion(s)
PHP/Subversion (SVN) Dashboard
Cross-browser PHP application for monitoring all your SVN repositories in one place.
3 developer(s)
14 commit(s)
21 addition(s)
18 modification(s)
0 deletion(s)

Developers (1)

Portrait Full Name/Description Website/Email
Georg Hackenberg
Software developer, computer scientist, hobby graphics artist, and blogger.