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Georg Hackenberg, Founder, Hyperkit Software: "Developing novel knowledge exploration technologies is challenging and fun. That's why we do it!"

Our mission is ...

to create

«We love programming and beautiful interactive visualizations.»

deployable to

«We work with technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.»

trusted by

«Our customers come from a diverse range of domains and backgrounds.»

Our products are ...


«A novel interface for exploring knowledge sources like corporate wikis.»

... at www.zumida.com and custom installations.


«A novel solution for infoterminal content management and operation.»

... at infoterm.hyperkit-software.com and custom installations.


«A beautiful interface for exploring your subversion repositories.»

... at svnkit.hyperkit-software.com and custom installations.

Our company was ...

founded by

«Two brothers both passionate about programming and visualization.»


«We are always looking for young and talented people joining our team!»

You are interested?

For more information contact mail@hyperkit-software.com.

Hyperkit Software, Georg Hackenberg, Auweg 20, 85748 Garching, Germany

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